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Whole Body Vibration plate machines and lower back pain. Vibration exercises to help.

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Rather than just masking the pain and hoping it doesn’t happen again (which it will) you can grab our free audiobook on outwitting the back pain industry and getting on the road to recovery and thank me later. As someone who has been stuck on the coach, the floor and the road in the middle of Vietnam without warning I know how bad it can get. The sooner you deal with it, the better.

Whole body vibration exercises can be used’s to strengthen the Back and Spine (core) to reduce back pain. Most lower back problems can be traced back to micro traumas that occurred from repetitive movements or poor posture. Vibration plates exercises for lower back problems like shown in the video can help. Sports rehab uses the vibration plate exercises to slowly bring back more range of motion in the small joints in the back called facet joints. It also causes small fluid pressure changes that help bring needed nutrition into the joints. I’ve seen a large increase with my patients results the day I incorporated whole body vibration exercises in my clinic.

Dr. Mike Moriearty D.C (ret.)

Must watch video: “Vibration Machine – Right Settings – Benefits -Explained.”

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okay I get a lot of questions from people and one of the main questions that’s coming up one over again is how can I use whole body vibration to help with lower back pain okay so I want to do is I’m going to go ahead and explain a little bit on how it helps back pain and let me show you some exercises you can do with the whole body vibration plate it’s going to help loosen up the joints in the spine and help get more exchange of fluid into these little joints which could promote healing and also with the vibration plate at a high enough speed it’s going to cause the muscles in your core to have to find a way to compensate and keep your body a line so you don’t fall down and this and exchange is going to cause an increase in strength and coordination in the 24 vertebrae in your spine which is going to make your core stronger so that’s one of the main questions so let’s go ahead and get started right now you..


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