Acute Onset Lower Back Pain

What to expect when yesterday you were fine but today you are in a lot of pain but for no apparent reason

Write up:

so what do you do if you have acute onset low back pain this is where yesterday you’re absolutely fine but today you’ve now got loads of back pain for no apparent reason well I think this one quite simple rules which you can follow because your body’s going to go through a process and it will get better but it’s got to go through its process I think the first we’ve got to do is get home don’t try and man it out by staying at work get yourself home and on the way home if you can buy some pills some anti inflammatories like ibuprofen if you can take them some painkillers codeine based or paracetamol you can find a doc you can give you muscle relaxants and they’re all helped and when you get home get off your feet get on the floor your back doesn’t want to be loaded and you’ll have to find lots of varying positions between you the line and your tummy with clothes underneath it lying on your back with your knees bent up or your thighs being supported on the edge of a sofa or even lying on your side with a pillow move your position around because the pain will build up you’ll then try and move your spasm be acutely painful and that’s why I need the medication to move it the next position so you want to try and find a position of ease don’t get caught in one position this process will probably get worse where it gets better so for the next 24 48 hours it will get worse and you know what tomorrow morning’s got me actually terrible as well you’ll get caught getting out of bed but that’s all normal we took that active rest and this means you want to do something a little bit to try and move and then be still again and move and then be still walking and standing is great for your back funny enough sitting is not so good because the way how you slouch but actually if you’re standing like a banana or you’re walking like a crab then don’t do too much that be sensible if you have things like numbness or weakness you’re tripping or stumbling or any type of thing Continent so it’s bladder or bowel do go and see your doctor and talk to someone immediately it will get better but it’s a process you’ve got to go through follow some of these simple rules and you’ll be good to go..

Rather than just masking the pain and hoping it doesn’t happen again (which it will) you can grab our free audiobook on outwitting the back pain industry and getting on the road to recovery and thank me later. As someone who has been stuck on the coach, the floor and the road in the middle of Vietnam without warning I know how bad it can get. The sooner you deal with it, the better.


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  • Really good advice – I lifted a heavy box yesterday, heard a big crack/pop, in excrutiating pain, went to emergency/hospital and following your videos now as I am abroad and cannot get to a physiotherapist (yet). Thank you. Loving these videos…wish you were around the corner! So painful, can’t wait to be pain-free and fully mobile again.